This walking tour around Havana’s Historic Center is a wonderful opportunity to learn about Cuban’s daily lives & activities. It conveys the visits to San Cristobal de La Habana foundational squares guide by a private professional tour guide.

The Plaza De Armas has a peaceful atmosphere with thick, tropical vegetation sheltering an antique book market. Impressive baroque palaces surround the square such as: the Palacio de los Capitanes Generales, now the housing the City Museum able to be recognized by its statue of Christopher Columbus in its Central Patio surrounded by the Cuban National trees, the Royal Palms. Then, one can visit The Plaza de San Francisco with its very impressive commercial buildings such as the old Stock Exchange and Customs House; however not the main attraction which is the Basilica de San Francisco dating back to 1580. Tour will go on with the Plaza Vieja surrounded by pastel colored town houses and almost completely restored square. The Plaza de la Catedral is the home to the exceptionally beautiful Catedral de San Cristóbal as well as important examples of early colonial architecture.

All the squares are linked by historic streets and a vestige of the American Nobel Prized writer Hemingway can also be felt this morning.