Transportation Options


We suggest using local transportation means, like Classic American cars, coco taxis or the popular horse carts for some excursions and specific short time activities where clients may experience the Island the way Cubans do; while for long distances & time on clients’ disposal, we recommend the air-conditioned tourist buses. Its capacity might vary depending on group size.

Coco Taxis

Coco Taxis were brought into reality as means of transportation in the Havana’s 90’s days, mainly focused on calling tourist attention as another attraction to recent coming visitors. Its name was given after the coconut fruit (coco in Spanish) because its shape reminds us of it. Being driven on one of these it is indeed a one in life time experience only possible in Cuba.

Note: we suggest it for short transfers or specific activities

Classic American Car

With its chrome sparkling and bright colors gleaming, the most beautiful American cars of the 1950’s can be seen, driving the streets of Cuba every day. Over the years, necessity has dictated that the cars are maintained with great care, since the Americans left the island in 1959 without leaving any spare parts behind. In almost every alley, there’ll be an old American car, jealously guarded and cared for, just waiting for a drive. Driving in one of these cars takes you back to another era.

Note: either we can arrange for Classic cars to be used in a full two hours tour around Modern Havana or simply use them to transfer participants to short distances.

Cuba Incentive Event

We are a licensed tour operator based in Havana, approved by the Cuban Ministry of Tourism and Cuban Chamber of Commerce to provide all arrangements in Cuba for travelers. Our service has received many acclamations from travelers and the world travel industry.