Panoramic tour of Modern Havana in Classic American Car

With its chrome sparkling and bright colors gleaming, the most beautiful American cars of the 1950’s can be seen, driving the streets of Cuba every day. Over the years, necessity has dictated that the cars are maintained with great care, since the Americans left the island in 1959 without leaving any spare parts behind. In almost every alley, there’ll be an old American car, jealously guarded and cared for, just waiting for a drive. Driving in one of these cars takes you back to another era. This tour lasts about 2 & a half hours and takes you to discover the most Modern area of Havana stopping at popular Revolution Square, Fidel Castro’s favorite spot to speak to the Cuban people, the National Hotel, a 1930 construction used by the American mafia to gather, the Havana’s University, among other also famous.