Responsible Travel Commitment

In light of our dedication to the conservation of the environment, a fair economic benefit for local communities and the preservation of cultural values, we make sure to arrange responsible travel supportive activities. This not only ensures the sustainability of the areas but also improve the quality of the experience overall.

Local Environment & Preserve Resources

You can help to respect and care for the local environment in many ways, such as not picking wild flowers or plants, disposing of litter responsibly and recycling what you can. You can help to preserve resources by complying with local environmental initiatives. If your hotel has a policy for reusing sheets or towels, try to support this as often as you feel you can. Remember to turn off lights and electrical equipment in your room if you are not using them – for example, you could turn televisions off fully rather than leaving them on standby and turn off air conditioning units when they are not needed or when you leave the room. Water is often a precious resource so try to keep your usage of it to a minimum, both in your hotel room and whenever possible throughout your trip.
Apart of encouraging these personal actions, we include environmental friendly activities such as visiting organic farms, planting trees, sharing experiences with community project members, arranging tailor made events with environmental themes, etc.

Supporting Communities

We always try to ensure that as much of your money as possible stays in the local area by supporting community
run and locally owned business. That’s one of the reasons why we arrange meals in locally owned restaurants and
include local drinks rather than international brands. Besides we encourage local community initiatives by
providing handmade crafts and locally produced souvenirs as gift and prizes for participants.

Positive Outcome & Feedback

Ultimately, we strive to ensure that a visit leaves Cuba better rather than worse off, and we value your co-
operation in helping us to attain this goal whilst also enjoying the trip to the utmost. It is also very important for us
to receive your feedback of your trip as it helps us to improve and develop our service and the facilities that we

Cuba Incentive Event

We are a licensed tour operator based in Havana, approved by the Cuban Ministry of Tourism and Cuban Chamber of Commerce to provide all arrangements in Cuba for travelers. Our service has received many acclamations from travelers and the world travel industry.