Day 1 Welcome to Havana City

Upon arrival at Havana International Airport, participants will be met by CST representative who is going to welcome them and introduce to their tour guide to be conducted to their Old Havana hotel by private air-conditioned bus. This transfer will last up to 40 minutes.

Both the tour guide and coordinator from CST will assist participants during the private personal check-in at hotel while porters will take care of luggage from the bus to the lobby (during the check-in) and from there to their rooms.

As part of their arrival at the hotel, participants will be given a welcome cocktail and gift.


20h30 Meet with participants at hotel’s lobby

20h45 Group walking transfer to Sociedad Rosalía de Castro Venue

21h00 Welcome dinner & Buena Vista Social Club performance at Rosalía de Castro Venus

Day 2 Cuba: history & treasures

06h30 ‐ 08h30 Breakfast at hotel

09h15 Meet at the lobby hotel to start the morning walking tour of Old Havana

09h30 Old Havana Historic Center tour and interaction with the Cuban people

This morning, participants will be able to interchange with the Cuban people and come closer to their everyday lives by visiting for 3 hours the Old Havana Historic Center with their tour guide. The tour conveys the visit to the four foundational squares of Old Havana, each of them with its own characteristics and spirit.

The Plaza De Armas has a peaceful atmosphere with thick, tropical vegetation sheltering an antique book market. Impressive baroque palaces surround the square such as: the Palacio de los Capitanes Generales, now the housing the City Museum able to be recognized by its statue of Christopher Columbus in its Central Patio surrounded by the Cuban National trees, the Royal Palms. Then, one can visit The Plaza de San Francisco with its very impressive commercial buildings such as the old Stock Exchange and Customs House; however not the main attraction which is the Basilica de San Francisco dating back to 1580.

Tour will go on with the Plaza Vieja surrounded by pastel colored town houses and almost completely restored square. The Plaza de la Catedral is the home to the exceptionally beautiful Catedral de San Cristóbal as well as important examples of early colonial architecture .

 All the squares are linked by historic streets and a vestige of the American Nobel Prized writer Hemingway can also be felt this morning.

During the tour, participants will be given a bottle of water and some appetizers to enjoy.

10h00 Visit and presentation of Lizt Alfonso Dance Company

Lizt Alfonso Dance Company is the most popular fusion and Spanish Dance Company in Cuba founded in 1991 by its general manager and main choreographer Lizt Alfonso. The goal of this dance school is to mix the Spanish rhythms and music with the Cuban traditional ones, emerging a fusion highly reworded not only in the country but abroad where has been prized as best choreography show more than once, in Canada, for instance, won the DORA Prize for its spectacle “Vida”.

It is the only dance company in Cuba invited to perform during the Latin Grammy Awards and has supported music clips for international and national artists like Enrique Iglesias. Within its over 1200 students from 6 years old on, the school is recognized also for being a social project focused on providing Old Havana children with skills to succeed in life and prevent them from delinquency, reason for which, the City Historian Office has given it a permanent head quarter in Old Havana’s Historic Centre.    

As part of the visit, participants will have the chance to be toured around the studios where hundreds of professional dancers rehearse every day, to have a brief interchange with its General Manager and main choreographer, as well as a live performance of some of its most important spectacles.

14h00 Lunch at “Los Mercaderes’ Private Restaurant”

What a wonderful & traditional restaurant! When wondering the streets with a tour guide or along best suggestion you can be given is The Paladar Los Mercaderes. The atmosphere is warm and inviting. Rose pedals scattered up the stair well, amazing art work and comfortable seating. The service is experienced like any other in Cuba. Very considering!


After lunch, participants may choose either coming back to the hotel in a private bus transfer or walking around the Historic Center at their own pace.


18h00 Meet at the hotel lobby for night activities 

18h15 Panoramic tour of Modern Havana in Classic American car

With its chrome sparkling and bright colors gleaming, the most beautiful American cars of the 1950’s can be seen, driving the streets of Cuba every day. Over the years, necessity has dictated that the cars are maintained with great care, since the Americans left the island in 1959 without leaving any spare parts behind. In almost every alley, there’ll be an old American car, jealously guarded and cared for, just waiting for a drive.

Driving in one of these cars takes you back to another era. This tour lasts about 2 & a half hours and takes you to discover the most Modern area of Havana stopping at popular Revolution Square, Fidel Castro’s favorite spot to speak to the Cuban people, the National Hotel, a 1930 construction used by the American mafia to gather, the Havana’s University, among other also famous.

19h30 Dinner at ‘Comedor de Aguiar’ Restaurant in National Hotel

The caravan of Classic cars will end up its tour in the National Hotel, an economic and architectural jewel of the Cuban history. From its inauguration back in 1930, it has become an interesting spot in Havana for locals and foreigners who had visited, actually its history is closely related to the American mafia interested in making a bar and gambling destination out of Havana filled with prostitution, alcohol, and drugs during the first half of the 20th Century.

Because of its magic and glow, the hotel has hosted popular figures of sciences, politics, sports, like: Alexander Fleming, Nelson Rockefeller, the Duke of Windsor & wife, Marlon Brando, Agustin Lara, among others portrayed in its ‘Fame Hall’ by the garden. For its location is also a privileged spot in Havana whose terrace and gardens stands over the sea.


To recall some of the highlighted moments in the history of this National Monument, tonight’s dinner will be at ‘El Comedor de Aguiar’ restaurant with a gala gourmet menu that represents of the classicism of the place.

The Havana Nights

21h00 Private transfer by coach from National Hotel to Tropicana Cabaret

22h00- 23h30 Tropicana live music and dancing show

As a grand finale for a night, participants will enjoy of the Tropicana Cabaret, the world famous indigenous experience set under the stars, with over 200 artists performing on stage backed by a 30 piece orchestra. Rum, cola and nibbles are included – extra drinks can be purchased locally. There is often live music and dancing afterwards if participants would like to stay longer. After the show, there is a recording music party for those who wants to stay longer than the two hours this spectacle lasts.


00h00 Private transfer from Tropicana Cabaret to the Hotel

Day 3 Las Terrazas & Prizing Gala

06h30 ‐ 08h30 Breakfast at hotel restaurant

08h45 Meet at the hotel lobby

09h00 Private transfer by coach to Las Terrazas Community  

10h00 Arrival at Las Terrazas rural Community and greet at ‘Rancho Curujey’

Today participants have a full day tour to Las Terrazas, a small rural community set in the heart of the UNESCO biosphere reserve in the Sierra del Rosario. The area was badly affected by deforestation so an extensive regeneration project was started in 1968 and terraces were laid out for re-planting, giving Las Terrazas its name. Participants will learn about the project, its importance and goals, and will visit the French Buena Vista coffee plantation ruins, meet some local artists for interchanging on their expectations and feelings.

Upon arrival, they will be given a welcome Cocktail to enjoy while local guides present the project and its antecedent in Rancho Curujey. Depending on group size, several local guides will take them into a panoramic tour of the Community to then divide the group into subgroups to carry out different activities: trekking or resting time by the San Juan River, with boat competitions, cocktail making lessons or canopy trials for those more adventurous.

14h00- 15h00 Lunch at Buena Vista Coffee Plantation

For lunch time, participants will gather at the Buena Vista Coffee Plantation Ruins, a former French coffee plantation from where the Cuban countryside can be witnessed. As a big finale for this journey, a coffee and rum tasting will be served in ‘La Tahona’, an open door terrace where a 19th Century coffee mill stands.


16h30 Transfer back to hotel in Havana

19h30 Meet at hotel lobby to be transferred to ‘Almacén de la Madera y el Tabaco’

Part of the reason Havana was declared as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO has been the restoration works that has taken place in it. The Almacén of la Madera y el Tabaco is a 1906 building that used to be a warehouse in Havana City and it is one of the few 20th Century industrial construction still standing in the city. In 2014, the City Historian Office turned this enormous nave into a hand- made beer Factory that serves light, medium, and dark beers with an Austrian technique as well as a restaurant bar for those who decide to seat by the bay to watch the Sun sets.

Tonight participants will have this Cuban jewel as the set of its prizing party. Upon arrival they will be met with some local cocktails and as dinner takes place they will be able to enjoy of an international and local buffet accompanied by alcoholic or non- alcoholic beverages to drink.

21h30- 22h15 Awards and speech by the head of the event

22h15- 01h00

After prizing, participants will enjoy of a live music and dancing show with one of the best salsa bands of the country. Along with the smart lights and screens, an open bar will be serving for over two hours to accompany the show and party.


00h00 Private transfer back to the hotel.

Day 4 Farewell Havana

06h30 ‐ 09h00 Breakfast at hotel

This morning participants could choose among different alternatives: time to rest before their flight back home; a tour of Almacenes San José to buy some hand crafts or souvenirs, and a two hour Afro- Cuban religion tour.

09h15 Meet at the lobby for those interested in the Afro- Cuban religion tour

Religion in Cuba has a colorful history and this tour will focus specifically on the ‘Santeria’ culture and its relationship with Christianity. Participants will visit the famous Orishas museum & Yoruba Association where a Santeria priest (Babalawo) will meet them to summarize the main aspects of this religion, tell them its history & antecedents, and tell them of its fortune. This would be a fascinating look at a lesser known aspect of Cuban culture, outside of the traditional tourist trail. By the end of the tour, a living music Orishas women orchestra will perform to demonstrate the relation between art & religion.

10h00 Meet at the lobby for those interested in the Almacenes San José tour


Private transfer from Hotel to Havana International Airport for outbound flight


  • Assistance by a CST event coordinator during the event.
  • Accommodation at selected hotel(s)
  • Pillow gift.
  • Porters’ tips.
  • Hospitality Desk at properties
  • Entrances, Lunches and Dinners as specified in the itinerary.
  • Off-property Havana lunches and dinners normally include two national beverages per participant based on set menu unless open bar is specified.
  • All excursions and activities as mentioned in the Itinerary.
  • Welcome Cocktail and live music on arrival at Havana Hotel Day 1.
  • 5 days guide service and 40 sits coach on disposal during the complete program.
  • Service of English/Spanish speaking tour guide(s). [Other languages on request].
  • One doctor assistance during the program for emergencies.
  • Technical support for group parties and gala dinner (lights, audio support, screens, stage)
  • Personalized decoration and furniture for group parties and dinners.
  • 24 Hours Operations & Emergency Service provided from CST Havana office.
Extra services we can include:
  • Host company branding items i.e. bunting, flags, banners, menu cards, table reservation cards, and signs for tour coaches, notice board signage, etc.
  • Professional photography and video for the event.
  • Event’s App and/or website development.
  • Event’s social media development.
  • Team building activities based on client’s preferences.
Not Included:
  • International flights.
  • Room drop notices.
  • On-property Havana beverages.
  • Travel Insurance, Medical Insurance (compulsory to enter Cuba).
  • Tourist Visa Cards (obtainable from Cuban Consulate in your country, or travel agent or airline).
  • Any other F & B not mentioned as included.
  • Any other service, excursion or activity not mentioned as included.
  • Voluntary staff gratuities (tour guides, drivers, porters, chambermaids, bar and restaurant staff etc.)
  • Personal expenses.
Payments & Rooming Lists

Deposit to guarantee event with final balance payable six weeks prior to groups arrival together with final rooming lists.

Site Inspection

If site inspection required, Cuba Select Travel will charge at net rates and rebate part on final invoice of group.

Itinerary and Quotation

The itinerary is designed to incorporate as many activities as possible within the time limits and size of group.

Some activities may be subject to opening times/days, weather conditions and other factors.

Itineraries and Quotations are tailor made based on group size and preferences.

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