El Cocinero

El Cocinero restaurant is the best way to combine good food, drinks and Cuban culture. It is located on the upper floor of Fabrica de Arte (Cuban Art Factory), which is a cultural project with a unique touch, so it is a good option if clients will then go to Fabrica de Arte.

Los Mercaderes

What a wonderful & traditional restaurant! When wondering the streets with a tour guide or along best suggestion you can be given is The Paladar Los Mercaderes. The atmosphere is warm and inviting. Rose pedals scattered up the stair well, amazing art work and comfortable seating. The service is experienced like any other in Cuba. Very considering!

La Cecilia

A completely different facility located in Modern Havana and representing the opulence of the foreign bourgeoisie of the 1950’s in Cuba. It specializes on Cuban cuisine.

Note: It could be a good option to have dinner the day participants go to Tropicana

La Guarida

La Guarida Restaurant is the most popular Paladar (private owned restaurant), frequented by people such as Queen of Spain, Jack Nicholson, Beyoncé and others. Located on the top floor of an old colonial building which is still occupied by Cuban families, it was the setting for the famous Cuban film ‘Strawberry & Chocolate’.

El Divino

Only 25 minutes from the Heart of Old Havana, Finca ‘El Divino’ allows enjoying of a traditional Cuban countryside lunch with a ditch of glamour while admiring the surrounding nature & ambiance. This private eco restaurant in an old house outside the chaos of Havana, reminds us of what simple rural life can make us feel so whole.

Vida Restaurant

Located in the Almendares Forest in Havana City, Vida is as its Spanish name reflects a good chance to approach to the Cuban Nature and the time you enjoy an international or Cuban meal surrounded by tropical vegetation and nature.

Note: though clients may have dinner in this restaurant, we strongly suggest for them to try it better at lunch time, when they can also admire the surrounding nature that characterizes this restaurant..

La Finca

It is the little temple of Rancho Palco restaurant. Nice, well decorated and with a wonderful garden. Its chef fis probably the most reworded and known in the country: Erasmo. His magic hands make possible for a venue to become popular and highly visited.

El Atelier

It is a good example of a well restored Vedado mansion from the 20th Century that is now used to house a restaurant. For sure, one of the places that reflects the stood in time Havana and Cuba. It was named on behalf of the popular tailor made shops, not because it had been used as a fabric industry, but to prove they can be tailor made your food.

Note: It can be use either for lunch or dinner, but we would suggest it for lunch mainly if clients are visiting Modern Havana.

Cuba Incentive Event

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