Parties, welcome/ farewell activities, gala dinners, & others

Party by the beach

In Havana, these parties may take place in Club Habana venue (former Baltimore Yacht and Country Club) or Eastern Guanabo Beach, according to your preferences; while in Varadero can be carried out in the hotel where participants would be staying. It will start by enjoying some cocktails & appetizers while participants are amused by the live music show. It generally includes a sea food menu for dinner & open bar afterwards. It could be a theme focused party & it might include a live music show supported by giant screens & DJ.

Gala dinner

A gala dinner can be held either in some highlighted restaurants of Havana City or in Varadero’s resorts & Xanadu Mansion. Among other services, participants will be presented to a live music spectacle, coming from a charming almost inexistent music while dinner is taking place to joyful louder Cuban rhythms by the time dessert is served. Generally, this evening ends up with a wonderful party that includes games, draw, Spanish tapas & open bar. Dinner could be theme focused depending on clients’ likes.

Open hood classic American car exhibition

This authentic once in life experience is only possible in Cuba thanks to its still rolling car jewels from the 40’s & 50’s. Participants will be lead in a Classic American car caravan to an open door parking loan where vehicles and owners will be standing to show off what mechanics will be like half a century from its creation. A true ‘Fast & Furious’ experience!

Note: This event can be held as part of a gala dinner/ party & combined with other services.

Activities in Varadero

Private Catamaran Cruise Adventure

Set sail for a catamaran day cruise with seafood lunch at a paradise island; with its beautiful beach, a truly magnificent unspoiled Caribbean wilderness. Open bar with beer, sodas, and Cuban cocktails on board and on the key, music, snorkelling over coral reefs and interacting with dolphins included on excursion.

Jeep Safari

Through this tour, the will have the chance to enjoy the best of the Cuban Nature and learn of important components of the Island countryside as well as its beautiful coral reefs. Among the activities to be organized you will be able to have a boat trip through the Canimar River, some snorkelling in Punta Maya coral reefs, bathing time in the Saturn Cave, a Matanzas City tour, and lunch.


Participants can enjoy this fascinating game amidst breathtaking beaches that runs parallel to the Gulf of Mexico, and close to many of the hotels. The course is laid out between palm trees, caves and lakes with 9 and 18 holes taking them right up to the shoreline. The Varadero Golf Course has several salt water lakes that connect directly with the sea, a feature that makes it almost unique worldwide.

Salsa or Cuba bar Lessons at the hotel

Both salsa & bar tender Lessons are unique experiences for costumers to enjoy in Cuba. Being able to move by the rhythm of the Caribbean music or being able to shake a traditional Mojito makes of Cuba a true jewel in the Caribbean. Either the salsa lesson or national cocktail lesson can be organized & carried out in the hotel where clients will be staying in Varadero in areas like the beach, pool, or other selected depending on group size & interests.

Note: they generally last an hour or so.

Cuba Incentive Event

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